Friday, July 13, 2018

Packing? Lets get motivated

We all know that moving and packing can be a major headache. Packing can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Getting the whole house packed and ready to go to your new home is hard sometimes. 

Luckily, there are some tips to help you motivate in your endeavor.

Take it one thing at a time
The first thing is if you go straight into it without a plan you’re going to get overwhelmed. This is a great way to set yourself up for disaster.

Make a checklist
Making a checklist is by far the easiest way to know what you have done and what you have left to do.

Break it down
You don't want to do everything at once because it will become a mess to deal with. You can start room by room or even start with items you're keeping and throwing away. Either way, by doing so you can eliminate the mass number of items you may have and get it done pieces at a time.

There is an app for that
Yes, there is in fact an app for moving and even packing. To make things easier find the one you think will suit you best. The app can help you find cheap moving boxes, moving trucks, and storage for your household items. These apps make things much easier to relieve your moving headaches. They can also help to keep you organized.

Reward yourself
Everyone deserves a reward for all the hard work they do. Why not have something to look forward to at the end of your stressful moving day? You could promise yourself a treat or a spa day. Another option is a night out to get to know your new home, town, and neighbors. Whatever you decide it doesn't matter, just remember to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Remove your distractions
The hardest part of getting things packed and ready to go is having distractions. Turn on some tunes, get in the zone and get to it! Don’t let the neighbors bug you or think about what you need to do besides get your packing done. This can be especially hard with kids or animals because they run around and get into everything. If you have kids give them a job to do and make them do it. Have them pack their room so the only thing to do is check it over to make sure they’ve finished. You could also have them watch any animals you may have that way you have them both in the same area without any worries.

Friends are a big help
You could have your friends come over and assist you while you pack things. This could be distracting, but could also be very helpful. If you run out of cheap moving boxes and you are busy have them grab them for you on their way to help you. Your moving buddies can help lift heavy stuff so that you’re not doing it alone.

So, if you think about it there are many options to help you make your pack and moving experience way easier on you. Just stay positive and remember the money you save doing it on your own. Have a good day and happy moving to everyone.

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