Friday, March 29, 2019

Rules of Packaging Businesses Need To Know

In the past, product packaging was only supposed to provide products the safety they require during shipping process. However, this concept now involves the branding factor as well because we are now living in the age of commercialization. This concept provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customer in much better way.

While you need to secure your product with the help of packaging, you have to make sure that this very packaging is capable of providing your product the branding advantage through its design.

Clarity is very important
If you want to know why clarity is so important for product packaging design, you need to keep in mind that customers usually pay attention to a product on shelf for no more than seven seconds. It means that they take only this amount of time to make a decision about buying or not buying the product. So, even if you are putting thousand words to explain the value of your product on the package, your customers are not going to read that entire content. However, it doesn’t really mean that there shouldn’t be any explanation of your product on the package. You will just have to explain it in as fewer words as possible.

Product packaging as an investment
You need to stop thinking about packaging as a cost that you need to bear and start considering it as an investment which can provide you with the business benefit in the long run. Study suggests that beautiful packaging triggers a brain activity which creates positive emotions in the customers. Triggering these emotions at right time is quite essential to enhance the sales. Product packaging design also makes the product to be differentiated from other products. It ultimately helps you get the much needed customer loyalty.

Creativity with practical design
While making the product package attractive, you need to make sure that it is retains the raw functionality it should have. It means that you need to make sure that your product remains attractive for the customers when it is placed on the shelf. However, it also needs to be simple enough to open, reseal and reuse in the future.

It means that if your product is good to look at but its packing is not that easy to handle, you are not going to get the real advantage. You might see the drop in sales even if you have worked hard to keep the quality of product intact.

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